The Diet Dictocrats and Politically Correct Lies Surrounding Saturated Fats and Nutrition


If this is tldr just sign and share the petition to stop the promotion of margarine and processed food. If you want to know the in depth details as to WHY you are doing so read on

What is wrong with our current dietary guidelines and advice? Well the answer is many, many, MANY things but this post will mainly concentrate on fat, sugar and processed food and how bodies like the Heart Foundation are giving seriously concerning and very wrong messages to people about cholesterol and avoiding all saturated fats. Instead they are promoting foods like margarine and sugar filled ‘fortified’ processed foods that claim to be healthy but really, aren’t doing anything good for anyone at all. In fact they are having a deeply disturbing opposite effect and are significantly contributing to the ill health and obesity of our nation.

The Heart Foundation tells people to limit saturated fat and to consume margarine, they list coconut oil as an unhealthy saturated fat as well as butter and they also shamefully have their tick of approval on many processed food like products that may be low in fat but are high in sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives and preservatives (eg milo cereal..). It has long been known that there is a definite link between obesity and sugar consumption as well as inflammation and chronic degenerative disease, but this is ignored. They simply latch on to fat and have made everyone obsessed with consuming as little fat as possible. Often the low fat products are much WORSE than the full fat versions as once you remove the fat it must be replaced with sugar or an artificial sweetener like aspartame (a known and very dangerous neurotoxin) in order for it to taste good and sell.

For a massive meta analyses that shows that saturated fat DOES NOT cause heart disease check out this study and here is another massive compilation of studies showing saturated fats and cholesterol don’t cause heart disease.

According to Dr Sandra Cabot’s latest book, Cholesterol: The Real Truth (which I highly recommend purchasing and reading) The fats in margarine are heavily processed, rancid and create free radicals (inflammation) in your body. Margarine has been linked to cancer and cardiovascular disease and is literally poisoning our people. For an excellent article on the margarine vs butter war read and a blog by a friend of mine

Vintage Margarine Advertisement

Vintage Margarine Advertisement

The real truth is that the CHOLESTEROL in your diet actually has very little, yes very little effect on your blood cholesterol levels. Around 80% of the cholesterol in your body is made in your liver from excess calories and carbohydrate.

Here is some wonderful (not) advice from the Heart Foundation. Direct quote- Cereals are eaten in large amounts and should provide the bulk of your energy (kilojoules) each day, so try to eat them at each meal. Choose wholegrain varieties when you can. Seriously this sentence just makes me want to swear and rant and rave and throw my computer out the window but that isn’t particularly helpful for readers so here is the truth. High carbohydrate diets (refined, processed sugar-filled rubbish) are to blame for the epidemic of obesity and diabetes and they GREATLY INCREASE your risk of heart disease. Think about this for a minute seriously, did our ancestors come across a packet of freaking milo cereal when they were out foraging and hunting for food? NO! This is not a food! It is a highly refined, money making load of garbage.. ok I am getting a little ranty again, I apologise. Facts- white bread, pasta, white rice etc have been heavily processed and stripped of virtually all nutrients. Pretty much every cereal apart from organic rolled oats are highly processed and loaded with sugar. An excess of sugar and carbohydrate in the diet is converted into cholesterol and triglycerides.

Cereal Advertisement

Cereal Advertisement

This is a fabulous quote by Christine Cronau- author of the Fat Revolution Series and avid supporter of my petition “If the cholesterol hypothesis is so cut and dry and is based on ‘evidence’ like the ‘experts’ keep insisting, how do they explain the many (and I mean many) paradoxes? Why is it that after 12 years of feasting on saturated fat, my cholesterol levels are ‘normal’. Why is it that I have vegetarian friends on extreme low-fat diets who have extremely high cholesterol? Why is it that readers write to me on a regular basis reporting that after struggling with high cholesterol for years on low-fat diets, their cholesterol levels suddenly drop back to normal after starting a low-carb, high fat diet?

And it doesn’t stop there. What about the French? They gorge on saturated fat but have low instances of heart disease? Ah, but see, that is the French paradox, and can be explained by their red wine consumption or some other random theory. In fact, many countries with high saturated fat consumption have low instances of heart disease whereas countries like Australia and the U.S., where we LOWERED our consumption of saturated fat, have INCREASED rates of heart disease. In fact, in Australia, someone dies from heart disease every ten minutes! We can keep making up makeshift theories for why the cholesterol hypothesis doesn’t work in all these many and varied instances, or we can admit we were wrong, and throw out the faulty hypothesis.”


Cyndi O’Meara famous nutritionist and author of Changing Habits, Changing lives (also backing my petition). She is working hard to show people that saturated fat is not the enemy. In her report on the Cholesterol scam she explains that saturated fats actually play a very important role in the total health of the body. Saturated fats actually make up 50% of our cell membranes and are vital for the stiffness and integrity of the cells. It goes much deeper than this saturated fats (healthy natural ones such as organic virgin coconut oil, raw organic butter from grass fed cows and animal fats, again organic, grass fed) are vital for healthy bones (no milk is not going to save you from osteoporosis, that’s a whole other scam and for another post). Our bones require saturated fats in order to effectively absorb calcium and other minerals. These amazing fats also enhance the immune system, contain antifungal and antimicrobial properties and are protective against harmful microorganisms in the digestive tract. Even more amazing is that they are the preferred foods for the heart. The fat around the heart muscle is saturated fat and in times of stress the heart will draw on these reserves of saturated fat.

Again I reiterate that cholesterol in our diet is NOT, I repeat NOT linked to the cholesterol levels in our blood. Another brilliant quote (I don’t normally quote this much but I think it is necessary to emphasise how many very well educated Researchers, Nutritionists, Drs and Authors know what I am going on about- “Cholesterol is formed in our bodies from carbohydrate chains, not fat. The cholesterol that we eat from animal fat is metabolised by the body, and we don’t absorb any other. What our doctors measure is the cholesterol we’ve manufactured, regardless of fat intake. In other words, if we eat a high-cholesterol food, that cholesterol won’t become part of our system…Cholesterol is a vitally important component in the hormone-balance equation. With the very best intentions, many people greatly reduce fats in the diet and often affect critical hormone function in the process…Fats from animal and vegetable sources form necessary building blocks for cell membranes and a variety of hormone processes.” —Caroline Sutherland, The Body Knows How to Stay Young

And another…
“The cholesterol hypothesis can be likened to a cathedral built on a bog. Rather than admit they made a horrible mistake and let it sink, the builders decided to try and keep the cathedral afloat at all costs. Each time a crack appeared, a new buttress was built. Then further buttresses were built to support the original buttresses.” Dr Malcolm Kendrick (Medical Doctor and Author of Panic Nation)

Why are we still being lied to? I’m not sure but you can do your own thinking about the possibilities (here’s a hint, starts with m ends with y and is the answer to most of these kinds of questions)

So obviously you now want to spread the truth to everyone you know so people stop dying and remaining very ill due to the very misinformed advice they are receiving. Please sign the petition and share it with everyone you know, for the health of everyone

Here are some of my friends blogs, talking about the petition and the truth!

For extra reading see these below

Cholesterol- The Real Truth by Dr Sandra Cabot
The Fat Revolution Series by Christine Cronau (supporting the petition)
Changing Habits, Changing Lives by Cyndi O’Meara (supporting the petition)
I Quit Sugar by Sarah Wilson (supporting the petition)
Sweet Poison and Toxic Oil by David Gillespie (supporting the petition)
The Cholesterol Conspiracy 2nd Edition by Dr Ladd R Mc Namara MD
The Great Cholesterol Con by Anthony Colpo
Overdose by Jay S Cohen
The Great Cholesterol Lie by Dr Dwight Lundell MD
The Great Cholesterol Myth by Dr Malcolm Kendrick
International Network of Cholesterol Skeptics

6 thoughts on “The Diet Dictocrats and Politically Correct Lies Surrounding Saturated Fats and Nutrition

  1. Naughty Naturopath Mum

    Fabulous and informative post Jessie! I absolutely LOVE the bacon vs bagel pic, so good to have the visual aids as well as all that fantastic information. Doing a great job, keep it up! Alisha x

    • Thanks Alisha :) I am getting a bit down as there is not much sharing going on and all the people I have contacted asking for support haven’t got back to me :( I am trying to stay strong and think of more ways to get it out there but I’m really struggling!

  2. Louise Cross

    well said! I actually now believe that The Heart Foundation, Dieticians and Dr’s are motivated by malice, I see no way they can claim ignorance for the harm they are doing, there is enough scientific evidence that they are killing people! They can read, they choose not to read anything but the misinformation and advertising junk spread by the processed food manufacturers, there is no longer any excuse for their behaviour. In the middle ages it was believed that having a bath with blind puppies would cure TB, we will look back on the advice given today with similar incredulity. Fortunately I am able to avoid visiting Dr’s, but if I were to visit one I would ask a question “do you ever treat patients with cholesterol lowering medication?” if they answer yes, then they have given a good indication that they do not have an understanding of physiology and are only reading information from drug companies rather than science, I would then leave that Dr’s surgery before they can do any harm.

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